Daisy is clearly passionate about creating and cultivating awareness in arts! She has done an amazing job creating THATd’Or!

— Lil + Destinations

What is THATd’Or?

As treasure hunts go THATd’Or is quite straight-forward: Teams consisting of 2 to 4 people compete, following a list of clues that lead them to works of art (“Treasures”) within the museum. Their goal is to find as many pieces of treasure as possible within the given amount of time (flexible as per your schedule, but generally 90 minutes). Your clue manual has 20 to 30 pieces of treasure, each with a paragraph about the treasure and a photo of what you’re looking for. To earn varied points teams write the donor’s name, as is found on the museum’s identifying tag (this is how it differs from THATLou, which is photographically based. The Musée d’Orsay only allows photography in designated areas).

THATd’Or is “educationally flexible”: some treasures have bonus questions embedded within the text, the answers for which can either be found within the hunt or are referred to on the blog. Other bonus questions are silly, requesting fun photos of teams, perhaps posing as a Degas dancer in front of the landmark train station clocks – a good souvenir of your hunt (& well-earned points for selling your pride for treasure hunting glory!). You can opt for our classic J’Adore THATd’Or or choose a themed hunt for slightly more.

The hunt keeps players focused and motivated, making THATd’Or perfect for corporate team-building events, small business fun-days, birthday parties, hen parties – and of course travelling families who want to make sure their children take something away from their dusty old museum visit!

No knowledge of art is necessary to play, although you’ll come away learning a thing or two about art, the museum, and Paris altogether!  It’s a unique and fun way to see the museum! We’ve been consistently ranked within the top 10 percentile with more than 100 Trip Advisor reviews of THATd’Or, THATLou and THATRue (on the streets of the Latin Quarter).